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Our Book will place in your hands, all our secrets for applying successfully first attempt and help you avoid the stupidest mistakes 97% of all applicants make.


3 Ways to Apply

Every year Canada accepts just 300,000 immigrants out of several millions who apply.

This is already a sign that the process is rigorous and very confusing; forcing many to hire agents/lawyers to help with the application.

Now let me tell you this…

You have just three options to apply for your permanent resident visa:

OPTION 1, Hire an Agent: Agents & Consultants are the easy way, they provide personalized assistance throughout the application. However they also have challenges:

1. They ask you to pay non-refundable fees, even if the application fails.
2. The fees are very expensive (N1 million – N2 million)
3. You still do the application yourself, they only guide you.
4. Fraudulent Agents are many ( 9 out of 10 are fake). You may loose your money for nothing.

OPTION 2, Do it yourself: If you believe you can, then applying yourself is a good option – the major benefit is that you don’t have to pay any agent but it also has its disadvantages:  

1. You need to do extensive research online, pouring through hundreds of web pages to find information
2. You may make mistakes that reduce your chances of ever getting it.
3. The information on most websites are misleading or outdated

OPTION 3, Do it yourself using a Full proof Guide: 

We understand that the Canadian Immigration Visa application process is complicated and confusing and hundreds of fake agents out there to scam you. 

Which is why we are offering you a Full Proof Guide that has helped over 237 Nigerians with their immigration plans and it will help you too.

With this guide you will be able to:

1. Overcome the confusion & anxiety of applying yourself 
2.  Fill the application as simple as ABC without any external help
3. Avoid the 7 stupid mistakes 97% of applicants make. 

What’s inside our Full-Proof Guide

  • How to apply for yourself or family without paying a dime to Agents, even if you haven’t done anything like this before.

  • 7 REASONS people get denied the VISA and how to avoid them

  • How to increase your CRS score & get selected in the very next pool, even if you don’t have a blood relative in Canada

  • How to secure jobs before leaving Nigeria, use our 2 option method to reach employers directly.

  • How to get the cheapest flights to Canada, get huge discounts by using our 2 flight partner Agencies

  • **BONUS: How to get US Visa 1st attempt

Avoid Scams & Stress

You can either go through the pain of searching for a reliable AGENT or browsing through hundreds of free information online or you can let this guide hold your hand and walk you through the entire process. YOU’LL NEVER NEED EXTERNAL HELP AGAIN.

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Successful Applicants


Success Rate

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You are indeed a Savior, keep up with the good work. Thanks


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– Vanny B. Lagos, Nigeria.

I have been scammed twice before finding your GUIDE, and I am grateful I did. I just landed in CA last week


– Azuka N. Garki, Abuja.

Without doubt this is the best GUIDE. I didn't need to ask any questions. Straight to the point.


– Sophie A. Abeokuta.

Summary of the Application Process

Applying for Permanent Residency in Canada involves just three steps:

1. Submitting your Express Entry profile
2. Receive an invitation to apply (ITA)
3. Apply for Permanent Residency.

Now lets look at the process in details:


Applicants make an EOI (express of interest) for immigrating to Canada by submitting their profile via the online channel, applicants who meet the ELIGIBILITY requirements enter into the Express entry pool and are given a CRS Score.

For every pool, a cut-off score is released by the Minister of Citizenship & Immigration. If your CRS score is greater than or equal to the cut-off score you would get an ITA (invitation to apply). 

Once this happens, you have approximately 90 days to submit your Permanent Residency Application alongside the required documents.


Your documents are then verified and you would be asked to submit your Int’l passport to a Visa office in your reach. Your passport is returned to you with the Visa and a COPR (Certificate of Permanent Residence) letter. 

The End!

Simple enough huh…?

If you download our trusted Guide, you will be able to do 6 very important things

#1 – Apply and get your immigration Visa by yourself even if you have never done anything like it before.

#2 – Find and Apply for very good job opportunities before leaving Nigeria

#3 – Avoid stupid & costly mistakes 97% of applicants make (even some dumb Agents make same mistakes)

#4 – Avoid getting Visa rejection – we will show the 7 causes of Visa Rejection and how to avoid them.

#5 – Process your Visa Quickly and inexpensively, without the risk of being scammed by fake agents.

#6 – Raise your CRS Score to meet the cut-off requirement, even if you don’t have a university degree.



How much do you think this Cost…or How Much Do you think it is Worth?


For the most trusted guide that has already helped more than 200 persons successfully apply?

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But you and I know that would be a bit ridiculous.

We cannot charge based on value alone.

We have to crash it down to something much lower, like a tenth of that. Lets say 50K.


We think N50K is okay because even those without our knowledge, experience and clout do charge up to that but I think we should still bring it down… by half.

So I will crash the fee further by another half and accept just N25,000.

Yes you read that right.


Just N25,000.

For just 25,000, you can download the most trusted & updated Canada Immigration Guide. That will place in your hands, all the secrets for applying successfully first time and help you avoid the stupidest mistakes 97% of applicants make even if you have never done this sort of application in your life.

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You don’t have to tell us your reason, just ask and you would be refunded.

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 When is the BEST TIME to

Begin My Application…?

You may be asking yourself this question…  

You may want to put off the idea of starting your application right away… 

You may have said to yourself that you are not ready to begin for reasons best know to you… 


But be true to yourself…. Are you committed to creating a better life for yourself by immigrating to Canada? 


If you are, then read this…. 

Canada has a goal to admit just 1 million immigrants over a short 3 year period.

This means spaces are very limited and as months pass by, the process is expected to get tougher and tougher! and your chances of getting the Visa would become very slim.

This means the best time to begin your application is “NOW O’CLOCK”.


Not yet convinced? See this… 

if you were born in the 80’s or early 90’s then you’d be familiar with this story.

Over a decade and half ago, the United States accepted millions of immigrants through their popular Visa lottery schemes.

Many Nigerians benefited! Many Nigerians had the opportunity to transform their lives forever.

Unfortunately, many did not take this opportunity… They dragged feats, they slowed down and missed the boat. 

Think of this…

Is there any harm if you applied now & get the visa? You can travel there and come back (if you want), then relocate with your family when you are fully ready?


I guess your answer is the the smart one – NO, there is no harm

So why not Jump on the Wagon now that its still on. Take advantage of this OPPORTUNITY, for your future and your family!

Does this sound like its urgent?

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May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears” – Nelson Mandela

You may have used different paid guides that didn’t offer you a clear path for securing your immigration visa. You are not alone, many of our buyers did so before finding us. This Guide offers you hope again, A hope that tomorrow would be brighter than today!

Like a buyer once said about this guide “It your straight ride from Nigeria to Canada.”

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We would see you at the other side, don’t stop hoping in a tomorrow that begins today. NO NO,… that begins right now!

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